Balaklava, SA

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Welcome to Balaklava

 Two Wells, Dublin, Wild Horse Plains, Port Wakefield, Balaklava

Highway 1

Travelling north out of Adelaide, Highway 1 represents the fastest route to the Yorke and Eyre Peninsulas, though it isn't the most scenic. The highway passes by the tiny service towns of Two Wells, Dublin and Wild Horse Plains before finally touching thecoast at Port Wakefield. Don't be fooled by it's ugly roadside facade, as behind the gaudy service stations and takeaways lies anattractive historical village well worthy of exploration.

Balaklava town centrePort Wakefield was originally established in the mid 19th century toto ship the huge amounts of copper arriving from the rich deposits at Burra (see Yorke Peninsula). There are more than thirty heritage sites scattered around town, and the highlight would have to be the fabulousold stagecoach stop of Bubners Inn. Only 25 kilometres west of PortWakefield, Balaklava is another historical township in the areadeserved of a visit. The town also boasts many fine old buildings, as well as two National Museums and several good art galleries.

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