Ravensthorpe, WA

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Welcome to Ravensthorpe

 Ravensthorpe, Hopetoun, Bremer Bay, Lake King

The palace hotel at ravensthorpe align=On the eastern fringes of the South West Corner and the state's wheatbelt, Ravensthorpe is a old gold mining town which oncesupported the Phillips River Goldfields. Several historic buildingsand mine shafts can still be seen, though the town is better knownamongst travellers as the gateway to the Fitzgerald River National Park.

The Fitzgerald River National Park contains 330000 hectares of some of the south coast's most beautiful and unique wilderness. It's diverse landscape comprises of rolling sand plains, broad river valleys, magnificent coastline, and the steep gorges and jagged peaks of the Fitzgerald national park align=Barren Ranges. Throughout this undulating environment is an amazing variety of fauna and flora, so abundant that the area has been named a Biosphere Reserve for UNESCO. Species include rare birds like the Malleefowl and marsupials (the Chuditch and Dibbler) once thought to be extinct. The best time to visit is during Spring, when over 80 varieties of orchids (70 of which are endemic to the area) and hundreds of other wildflowers put on a brilliant and unforgettable show.

Running postman wildflower align=The park's eastern stretches lie just south of Ravensthorpe, via unsealed roads which are generally OK for conventional vehicles. Themain road heads for coast, and the quiet holiday town of Hopetoun. From the Hopetoun entrance, many of the parks excellent hikes begin and information on these can be obtained at the visitors centreon Veal Street. The town also boasts superb white beaches and sheltered bays, ideal for swimming, sunbathing, and fishing.

Access to the walks found in western sections of the vast Fitzgerald River National Park are available via Bremer Bay, another holiday hamlet on the coast. The most trodden trail takes hikers to Point Ann, a popular whale-watching spot from August to November. In town, visitors also enjoy the great range of watersports on offer.

67 kilometres north-west of Ravensthorpe, Lake King is acommon stopover town for those travelling the shortest route betweenPerth and the Nullarbor Plain. The town marks the point where a formed gravel road takes a shortcut across immense inland sand flats to Norseman (see Outback), and although there are no services for over 300 kilometres, it does pass through the interesting arid wilderness contained by Frank Hahn National Park. Be well prepared for this journey, and check on road conditions before heading out.

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